Who we are

Ontario Licence Plates is run by a licence plate collector based out of Waterloo Region in Southwestern Ontario, with input from licence plate collectors and experts across Ontario. Ontario Collectors meet twice a year for swap meets that draw interest and other collectors from other provinces and even from the USA. This is group of well respected individuals with many different backgrounds and specializations. Interested in becoming a collector? Visit one our meets and see what we are all about! Looking for more information on licence plate collecting or to become a member of the largest licence plate collector association in the world? Visit ALPCA, the Automobile Licence Plate Collectors Association for interesting facts, information and pictures of licence plates from around the world. Licence plate collecting is more than just plates, its about the connecting you make with the people you meet. Visit ALPCA today or click on the "contact us" tab at the top of the screen to submit a request for information about licence plate collecting.