Waldale Blocks

What are Waldale plates?

Page updated on : Jan 17th 2023 at 1:47pm

Plates nicknamed "Waldales" were manufactured by a company in Nova Scotia called Waldale Manufacturing Limited. Due to supply shortages, Ontario ordered blocks of plates from Nova Scotia to meet the demand for passenger plates. They took blocks from the regular series and had Waldale produce them. Unlike Ontario that uses prisoners to produce plates through a Crown Corporation called Trilcor, Waldale employs staff to produce plates for most North American jurisdictions like Nova Scotia, PEI and Mississippi. The first batch of waldales had the Nova Scotia font on them. 35000 were produced and circulated and are very noticable There are a few differences between the Waldale plates versus Trilcor plates.

  • Waldale has smaller bolt holes

  • Waldale has squared off edges

  • Trilcor has a thicker, darker ink for the lettering

  • Waldale has a lighter, more transparent ink

  • Waldale letters are more square, Trilcor letters are more rounded

  • See some examples below, Trilcor on the right and Waldale is on the left

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Waldale vs. Trilcor Letter

Waldale vs. Trilcor Corners

Waldale vs. Trilcor Bolt Holes


BLOCK 1-CASA001-CATR999-Confirmed

Regular High: CARZ962

Waldale Low: CASA012

Waldale High: CATR933

Regular Low: CATS041

BLOCK 2-CBJA001-CBMF999-Expected-CBMH Not confirmed

Regular High: CBHY512

Waldale Low: CBJA005

Waldale High: CBMF613

Regular Low: CBMJ236

BLOCK 3-CDVT001-CEFM999-Expected-CDVS Not Confirmed

Regular High: CDVR786

Waldale Low: CDVT106

Waldale High: CEFM678

Regular Low: CEFN075

BLOCK 4-CERA001-CFBY999-Confirmed

Regular High: CEPZ795

Waldale Low: CERA111

Waldale High: CFBY478

Regular Low: CFBZ177

BLOCK 5-CFEA001-CFEP999-Assumed-CFDT-CFDZ and CFER-CFEX not confirmed

Regular High: CFDS254

Waldale Low: CFEA762

Waldale High: CFEP257

Regular Low: CFEY858

BLOCK 6-CPJV001-CPRP999-Assumed-No regular low confirmed

Regular High: Not Confirmed

Waldale Low: CPJV286

Waldale High: CPRP653

Regular Low: CPRX312

BLOCK 7-CPTA001-CPXZ999-Expected-CPSY-CPSZ Not confirmed

Regular High: CPSX092

Waldale Low: CPTA099

Waldale High: CPXZ927

Regular Low: CPYA602

BLOCK 8-CREV-CRFE-Assumed-Huge gap that needs to be filled

Regular High: CRES964

Waldale Low: CREV210

Waldale High: CREZ756

Regular Low: CRFA337 Tyler Elg

BLOCK 9-CRXA001-CRXC999-Assumed

Regular High: CRWW318

Waldale Low: CRXA245

Waldale High: CRXC839

Regular Low: CRXZ951

BLOCK 10-CSAV001-CSMZ999-Expected

Regular High: CSAM200

Waldale Low: CSAV596

Waldale High: CSMS037

Regular Low: CSNA001